In 1962 Australian Youth Hostel Association National Secretary, Richard Willis, sent 800 notices to Queensland residents who had been, or still were, members of a youth hostel association anywhere in the world. He then formed an active working committee of four - Ralph and Lorna Pepper, John Baker, and Pam Davies.

After several months of preliminary meetings, the formal inauguration of YHA in Queensland took place at a public meeting attended by 70 people at St Francis House, Elizabeth Street, Brisbane on 7 December 1962. The initial membership of YHA Queensland was 25 people. In November 1962, YHA Queensland’s first weekend away was a trip to Binna Burra. In 1963 outings including day trips to Moogerah Dam, Numinbah & Natural Arch; and weekend trips to Stradbroke Island, O’Reillys(camping), Lost World, and Glasshouse Mountains.

A media report in March 1964 stated: “Since its formation in Queensland little more than one year ago Youth Hostel Association trips in Queensland have been mostly camping and bushwalking. …..But now (with the proposed conversion of Lost World to a typical Youth Hostel) – hostelling in Queensland will truly be an adventure in outdoor living. The official opening of the Lost World hostel is expected to be held within a few months.” Lost World hostel (Kerry valley, near Beaudesert) was opened on June 20 1964.

The convenor of YHA Bushwalkers Qld, appointed in August 1965, was Don Burnett and Outings Secretary was Judy Kay.


Lost World Hostel. Photographer Peter McMurtrie

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