Koala Count Month - September 2023

Posted by Maria Bowdler on Tuesday, 5th of September, 2023

Koala Count

For the 4wks of 7th September (National Threatened Species Day) through to 8th October, Griffith University is carrying out a citizen scientist count of Koalas. Whether you do it each day, as I will, or pick a few days to go out and LOOK, every sighting will add to their database of this endangered species. I intend to put some specific dates on the calendar too, incase you’d rather join me as a group to walk around John Bray Park, Strathpine. Otherwise, carry out some counts yourself in your local stomping ground (Whites Hill, Tooheys, Mt Gravatt etc). It doesn’t matter if it’s the same koalas each day, they want to build a picture of where they are and their home range.

They have created a webinar if you’re unsure what to do. It is going to be held 7th September if you want to join in. Register your interest here How to become a koalafied detective

Basically, you download an app (if you don’t already have it). Qwildlife or iNaturalist are the recording methods. I’ve been using Qwildlife for about 4 months now. It captures your GPS location so stand as close to the tree as possible, if you can take a picture with your phone, then you can attach it to the sighting. You then fill in your contact details and submit.

If you decide to nominate for one of my specific days, then we’ll make sure people are grouped with someone who has the app so don’t panic if you aren’t the sort to use apps on your phone.

If you nominate on this specific calendar entry, I will take it as your intention to carry out counts in and around your area. Up to you then what area you cover and what time of the day. Obviously, they tend to sleep through the day so easier to spot if they aren't on the move. If you just want to join me, then please nominate via the other calendar entries.

For more information on this event please go to

 South East Queenslanders called to count koalas – Griffith News

Queensland National Park of the month SEPTEMBER

Posted by Maria Bowdler on Sunday, 3rd of September, 2023

The September National Park of the month in Queensland is Thruston National Park. 

Have you been there?  Thrushton is 40km north-east of Bollon and is accessible only in dry weather. A 4WD is recommended. Thrushton National Park is best accessed via the Mitchell-Bollon Road.

The park has few internal roads so the main access is on foot. Do not attempt to cross bore drains in your vehicle. These stopped flowing in 2007 when bores were capped as part of the Great Artesian Basin Sustainability Initiative. Local water is often not suitable for drinking, so take water with you when walking in Thrushton National Park. Treat water obtained from all sources in the national park including taps, creeks and lakes.


Qld and NSW National Parks & forests alerts, closures and more. Links regularly UPDATED

Posted by Maria Bowdler on Friday, 1st of September, 2023

Be sure to check National Parks alerts and other sources before heading out on the tracks.

Qld National Parks alerts

NSW National Parks alerts

FREE CPR Awareness Sessions

Posted by Maria Bowdler on Monday, 14th of August, 2023

Link for dates, library locations and bookings

Are you interested in developing practical knowledge and skill in cardiopulmonary resuscitation?  This free workshop will give you the confidence to help keep someone alive using CPR while the ambulance is on its way.  Presented by qualified trainers from the Queensland Local Ambulance Committee, in partnership with the Queensland Ambulance Service.

Inaugural "Walk for Change" trek along Tasmania's Bay of Fires in October

Posted by Maria Bowdler on Tuesday, 4th of April, 2023

Join Women's Legal Service Qld for the inaugural Walk for Change from 19-23 October, 2023. Explore Tasmania's scenic Bay of Fires in the name of preventing domestic and family violence. For more details and to register click here.

Three Top Tips For New Bushwalkers

Posted by Maria Bowdler on Wednesday, 17th of August, 2022

Queensland National Parks have published an article to help prepare for a great day walk - Click here to read about the importance of boots, weather and track fitness.

Need to brush up on your bushwalking skills?

Posted by Maria Bowdler on Monday, 1st of February, 2021


There's nothing like going bush with reliable and experienced bushwalkers to brush up on your skills not to mention the social benefits!  To help you on the way here are two websites offering thorough guidelines to restart or start your bush adventures.


  • The Bushwalking Manual: Information and guidelines for safe and enjoyable bushwalking in Australia is published by Bushwalking Victoria, and provides one of the best guides to safe bushwalking in Australia. You can find it at: https://bushwalkingmanual.org.au/
  • If you are new to bushwalking, and indeed if you need a refresher or have relative novices in your group, the National Parks Association of NSW Bushwalking 101 website is also of great help. You can find this at: https://bushwalking101.org/