Latest easing of restrictions - 14 April 2022

Posted by Maria Bowdler on Thursday, 14th of April, 2022

From 1am AEST Thursday 14 April 2022, the requirement to check-in and to be fully vaccinated at a range of venues and events ended.

Venues include pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants; theme parks, casinos and cinemas; weddings; showgrounds; and galleries, libraries, museums and stadiums.

Vaccination and check-in requirements will continue for anyone visiting or working in vulnerable settings (hospitals, disability accommodation services and residential aged care) as well as for workers in high risk settings including schools, childcare, prisons and airports.

Restrictions, Masks & other measures - Queensland Government. Link regularly UPDATED

Posted by Maria Bowdler on Saturday, 5th of March, 2022

For information on all restrictions and easing of restrictions click on the following:  Restrictions in place for Queensland.

Meet some of Queensland's female National Park rangers

Posted by Maria Bowdler on Thursday, 17th of February, 2022

National Parks Rangers who love their jobs - Click here to watch the short video "Living the dream".

Qld and NSW National Parks & forests alerts, closures and more. Links regularly UPDATED

Posted by Maria Bowdler on Tuesday, 18th of January, 2022

Be sure to check National Parks alerts and other sources before heading out on the tracks.

Qld National Parks alerts

NSW National Parks alerts

Survival in the desert podcast

Posted by Outings Officer on Thursday, 9th of September, 2021

Listen and learn from this amazing story of survival on ABC radio "Conversations". Walking with a group is so important.

Stranded - what Claire learned from falling when out hiking alone

Need to brush up on your bushwalking skills?

Posted by Maria Bowdler on Monday, 1st of February, 2021


There's nothing like going bush with reliable and experienced bushwalkers to brush up on your skills not to mention the social benefits!  To help you on the way here are two websites offering thorough guidelines to restart or start your bush adventures.


  • The Bushwalking Manual: Information and guidelines for safe and enjoyable bushwalking in Australia is published by Bushwalking Victoria, and provides one of the best guides to safe bushwalking in Australia. You can find it at:
  • If you are new to bushwalking, and indeed if you need a refresher or have relative novices in your group, the National Parks Association of NSW Bushwalking 101 website is also of great help. You can find this at:

COVID Safe Plan for Bushwalking Adventures Qld Inc.

Posted by Maria Bowdler on Friday, 4th of September, 2020

The committee has adopted a COVID Safe Plan for BAQ club activities - see the full document at the bottom of the Home page

This allows more than 10 to participate in club activities as long as they have registered on the club's website and as long as all the requirements outlined in the plan are adhered to.