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Bushwalking Adventures Queensland

Bushwalking Adventures Qld Inc. (formerly known as YHA Bushwalkers Qld Inc.)  is a Brisbane-based bushwalking club that has its roots in the international Youth Hostel movement originally set up to “encourage young people of limited means to a greater knowledge and understanding of the countryside”.

When YHA Queensland was established in 1962 its main activity was bushwalking. We were affiliated with YHA Australia for many years, but our club has since become a separate incorporated body and now our new name reflects this. We have always called ourselves "The Bushies" and this hasn't changed.

We are a friendly group of people from diverse backgrounds, but we share a love for the great outdoors and, especially, our natural environment. We provide trips for the adventurous as well as for those who prefer to take in the delights of their surroundings at an easier pace.

Some of the benefits in joining our club are that:

  • You experience new places to walk and explore
  • Our walking activities build fitness and endurance
  • We conduct training in first aid, abseiling, navigation and leadership skills
  • You make new friends with similar interests
  • You have opportunities to participate in interstate and overseas walking trips organised by our club and international clubs

Where we go:

  • Our half day and full day activities explore local areas,  National Parks and nature reserves throughout SE Queensland
  • Our overnight trips include Queensland and northern NSW areas of interest
  • Long weekend trips include places further afield, such as Carnarvon National Park (near Roma) or New England and Gibraltar National Parks (near Armidale NSW)
  • On extended trips we may do the Great Walks such as the Larapinta Trail (NT) or the Overland Track (TAS)
  • Our overseas trips have included the Italian Dolomites, Machu Picchu, Washington State, Saxony, as well as several trips to New Zealand.

Since 1999 our club has participated in international exchanges where the overseas club plans the intinerary, arranges accommodation and provides leaders for hikes and places of interest. In return, we have hosted and arranged a number of programmes for international guests around SE Queensland. 

Bushwalking Adventures Queensland is a member of Bushwalking Queensland - the peak body that represents the interests of bushwalkers in Queensland.

Some of our members take part in the activities of Federation Mountain Rescue an organisation that provides specialist training for bushwalkers in areas such as first aid, safety, and abseiling.


Position Name Email
President Bernadette Hill president@bushies.org.au
Treasurer Robyn Chitham treasurer@bushies.org.au
Secretary Toni Strozkiy secretary@bushies.org.au
New Members Officer Lynn Docchar members@bushies.org.au
Outings Officer Maria Bowdler outings@bushies.org.au
Communications Officer Kevin Eastment comms@bushies.org.au




As provided by Model Rule 30 of Bushwalking Adventures Qld Inc., hereinafter called “the club”, these are the by-laws of the club.

The by-laws are to be read in conjunction with the Model Rules of the club, hereinafter called the “rules”.

1. Membership

1.1 An ordinary member, as provided by rule 5, shall mean a person who is over the age of 18 years, has completed 3 walks with the club, been approved by the committee, and paid their membership fees.

1.2 An associate member, as provided by rule 5, shall mean a person over the age of 18 years, wishing to join the club. An associate membership is valid for 3 outings (e.g. Day Walk, Base Camp, Through Walk) or 6 months duration, after which he or she must apply for ordinary membership. If fewer than 3 outings have been undertaken within 6 months, the management committee may grant an extension of 6 months upon payment of an additional associate membership fee, so that the 3 outings can be completed.

1.3 As provided by rule 6 (4) an associate member may apply for ordinary membership by informing the Members Officer that they have completed 3 outings. After verifying the outings, the Members Officer will present the application to the management committee. Once approved, the associate member becomes an ordinary member by paying the relevant pro rata membership fee outlined in Clause 2.1 (b).

1.4 A person whose club membership has lapsed within the past 3 years is not eligible to become an associate member again, and must rejoin the club as an ordinary member, paying the full rate of annual membership.

1.5 A person whose club membership has lapsed more than 3 years ago must become an associate member again, and go through the process outlined in Clauses 1.2 and 1.3 to rejoin the club as an ordinary member.

1.6 Children aged between 12 to 18 years may participate in the club’s outings, provided they are accompanied by a guardian member who has signed an Acknowledgement of Risk Form for Visitors for them.

1.7 A person who is a member of another bushwalking club covered by the group insurance policy provided through Bushwalking Australia Inc., or equivalent club insurance policy, may participate in club outings upon verification of their current financial membership. A limit of 3 outings per calendar year applies. To participate in more than 3 outings it is necessary to join the club.

2. Membership fees

2.1 The club’s fees shall be structured as follows, in accordance with rule 7:

a) Ordinary members - $30.00 per annum - due by end August payable in a way prescribed by the club.

b) Associate members - $15.00. Pro rata ordinary membership fee for associate members who:

     - paid $15.00 between September and February - $15.00

     - paid $15.00 between March and August - $0.00

3. Casual Walkers

3.1 A member's family or friends who are visiting from outside the South East Queensland region may accompany the member on an occasional walk free of charge. They must sign an Acknowledgement of Risk Form for Visitors to be covered by the club's insurance policy.

4. Club Outings

4.1 An official club “outing” shall be any activity, including bushwalking, social outing, and other outdoor activity sanctioned by the club. Outings shall be listed on the club’s Walks Calendar and be discussed at the club night.

5. Trip Leader

5.1 All directions given by the trip leader shall be complied with.

5.2 The trip leader has the right to: exclude a member from joining an outing; cancel an outing; and change the venue of an outing.

5.3 The trip leader shall ensure that all participants who are not financial members of the club (e.g. associate members, visitors, casual walkers, members of other bushwalking clubs) have signed an Acknowledgement of Risk Form for Associate Members or Visitors.  The trip leader should collect the associate member fee for new associates who have not already paid and add them to the nominee list for the walk once they have registered on the club's website.

5.4 As a general principle, it is advisable to have at least four participants on a bushwalk for safety, so that one person can stay with an injured walker and two people can return for help. The trip leader has discretion to decide whether a walk will go ahead with less than four people.

6. Outing incidents

6.1 In the event of any incident, whether or not the person is likely to submit an insurance claim, the trip leader must complete a Bushwalking Incident Form, available on the club's website. If required see also the Serious/Critical Incident Information Sheet. Completed Incident Forms should be forwarded to the Secretary, who will forward a copy to the Bushwalking Queensland Inc. Insurance Officer.

6.2 If following an incident a member decides to submit an insurance claim, the forms can be found on the Bushwalking Australia website:  - bushwalkingaustralia.org/insurance/claims-and-enquiries. The claim should be submitted to the insurer as outlined on the Claim Form, with a copy of the claim forwarded to the Secretary.

7. Club equipment

7.1 Members of the club may borrow club owned equipment for a period of time agreed by the management committee free of charge, for club outings or other club business. At the discretion of the management committee, items may be borrowed by members for other purposes. The management committee shall maintain an asset register of club equipment. The member storing the equipment shall keep a record of equipment borrowed.

7.2 Club equipment must be returned in a clean, dry and undamaged condition. Borrowed equipment that is lost or damaged must be reported as soon as possible, and shall be replaced, or repaired, at the borrower’s expense.

7.3 The club shall bear the cost of replacement or repair of stored equipment.

8. Car Pooling

8.1 Members are encouraged to car pool where possible. It is reasonable that operation costs for a vehicle transporting bushwalkers for club outings are shared amongst the passengers in that vehicle. The following may be used as a guide for compensating the driver, or as negotiated with the driver. Additional factors such as tolls incurred and impact of dirt roads may also be taken into account in deciding a reasonable contribution.

The contribution to be divided by the number of passengers (excluding the driver):

round trip up to 100 kilometres          =          contribution of $15.00

round trip up to 200 kilometres          =          contribution of $30.00

9. Reimbursement of Costs

9.1 Trip leaders may claim petrol expenses (currently 0.15 per kilometre) when they carry out a survey, up to $50.00. Prior approval from the management committee must be sought. An invoice shall be provided to the Treasurer, who shall then arrange for reimbursement of the approved amount.

9.2 With prior approval from the management committee, ordinary members may be reimbursed up to $50.00 towards the cost of undertaking a full First Aid Course they have paid for themselves. A receipt showing the member has paid for the course should be provided to the Treasurer for reimbursement of the approved amount.