Club Members on a trip to Nelson Lakes.

First Step - Become an Associate member

Associate Membership for The Bushies is available for anyone over 18 who would like to “try us out”. Associate Membership costs $15 and is valid for three walks within a six month period. This ensures that you are covered by the club’s insurance for these outings. When this introductory period is completed you will need to pay full club membership which is $40 per year (September to August), or by pro-rata for the first year depending on when you join.

To become an associate member you need to:

  • Sign our Associate Membership/Risk Waiver form. This needs to be handed to the trip leader or new members officer or scanned and emailed to the new members officer. Please ensure there is one form per person.
  • Pay the $15 associate membership fee when attending a club night, deposit directly into our bank account or alternatively you can pay the trip leader on your first outing.

Once these actions are completed you will:

  • Receive an email with instructions on how to get membership website access.
  • Nominate online to participate in club activities

Second Step: Become a full member of the club

You are eligible to become a full member of the club when:

  • You complete three trips within 6 months of signing up as an associate member.
  • Your full membership is approved by the club's committee