Club members on a trip to Nelson Lakes, New Zealand.

1. How to join

First Step - Become an associate member

Associate membership for The Bushies is available for anyone over 18 who would like to “try us out”. Associate membership costs $20.00 and is valid for three walks, after which you qualify for ordinary membership of the club. You must be a financial member to participate in any club activity. This ensures that you are covered by the club’s insurance. If you join from September to March your membership expires on 31 August of the current period. If you join from April to August your membership expires on 31 August of the following year. When your membership expires you can renew it by paying the membership fee and completing the appropriate risk form, which must be lodged annually (September - August) for insurance cover.

To become an associate member you need to:

  • Register Online here
  • Fill out and sign our Acknowledgement of Risk Form for Associate Members and give it to the trip leader on your first walk or to the New Members Officer. Alternatively you can scan and email the completed form to Please ensure there is one form per person. 
  • Pay the $20.00 membership fee at a club night in cash or deposit directly into the club's bank account or pay cash to the trip leader on your first walk.  Bank details below.

Once these actions are completed you will:

  • Receive instructions on how to get membership website access when you contact the New Members Officer Once your account has been activated you will be able to log in:  go to Account > Sign In and enter your Username or Email address. The first time you log in you need to click "Forgot Your Password?".  Go to your email inbox and follow the instructions to create a password.
  • Be able to manage your profile AND nominate online to participate in club activities.

Second Step: Become a full/ordinary member of the club

You are eligible to become an ordinary member of the club when:


Bank Details

BSB:  064000

Account:  11059510

Reference:  Your surname and first name

If you require more information please contact the New Members Officer: or the Treasurer:

Please be sure to read our New Members guide.


2. How to renew your membership

Ordinary members pay an annual fee of $20.00 due in September. It is a requirement that all members sign the Acknowledgement of Risk Form for Ordinary Members every year at the time of renewal. Please hand the completed form to the Treasurer at a club night or scan and email the completed form to

A former member who would like to re-activate their membership MUST DO SO WITHIN 3 YEARS OF EXPIRY.  After 3 years a former member can become an associate member.

Pay your membership fee at a Club Night

  • You can pay cash to the Treasurer at a Club Night (sorry no credit card or pay wave options).

Pay your membership fee Online

  • Use your own Internet banking to transfer the correct amount into the club's account.

Bank details

BSB:  064000

Account:  11059510

Reference:  Your surname and first name

Please note that payment is not an instant renewal. The Treasurer will update membership expiry dates periodically on the club's website.

If you require any assistance or information regarding payment and membership expiry please contact the Treasurer: