COOLOOLA BIOBLITZ: 2, 3, 4 August, 2024

Posted by Maria Bowdler on Saturday, 11th of May, 2024

Cooloola BioBlitz 2024 is on 2, 3 and 4 August 2024 from 3:30 Friday to 3:30 Sunday at Rainbow Beach. Tickets are available now and usually sell out quickly.

Wonderful scientists and expert naturalists will lead small groups into the Cooloola natural environments and we'll all become "Citizen Scientists" as we record every plant, animal and fungi we can observe. Leaders will help with the identification. 

Rainbow Beach Community Hall will be transformed into the headquarters for learning, photography, making IDs and examining interesting discoveries. We'll have workshops and training in the use of the free iNaturalist App on your phone. 

In the evening, fascinating presentations or nocturnal excursions will be on offer. 

Check out the Cooloola BioBlitz website  for details and to meet some of the leaders who have confirmed their participation.

**DUE 4 June** Cooloola Recreation Area HAVE YOUR SAY

Posted by Maria Bowdler on Wednesday, 8th of May, 2024

Have your say on the management of the Cooloola Recreation Area

The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) has co-designed a draft management plan for the Cooloola Recreation Area in partnership with the Kabi Kabi People and Butchulla People.

Community members are encouraged to review these documents and provide feedback by completing an online survey.

The draft plan sets the strategic direction for the management of the area to ensure an appropriate balance between recreation and conservation. It details Cooloola’s natural, cultural and social values, and outlines management directions to maintain or improve those values into the future.

The planning area for the draft management plan includes:

  • Cooloola Recreation Area
  • Cooloola (Noosa River) Resources Reserve
  • Great Sandy Resources Reserve
  • Double Island Point Conservation Park
  • Sheep Island Conservation Park
  • Goat Island (Noosa River) Conservation Park
  • Womalah Resources Reserve, and the
  • Cooloola Section of Great Sandy National Park.

Accompanying the release of the draft management plan is a resource information document.

Community members are encouraged to review these documents and provide feedback by completing an online survey.

Alternatively, written submissions can be sent to:


Post: Planning Manager
Management and Operations | QPWS and Partnerships
Department of Environment, Science and Innovation
PO Box 15187
City East Qld 4002

All submissions will be considered when preparing the final management plan.

Submissions close at 5pm on 4 June 2024.

Department of Environment, Science and Innovation
Queensland Government

Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) Information Summary

Posted by Maria Bowdler on Wednesday, 1st of May, 2024

The club has a PLB available for loan to Bushwalking Adventures Qld Inc. members. To borrow the PLB email

Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) Information Summary Sheet.

A PLB is a portable emergency distress beacon which uses satellite networks to alert search and rescue authorities to send help.  A PLB is intended to be a ‘last resort’ option, when someone is in dire risk of serious injury or death and no other communication method is possible.  Carrying a PLB is recommended for any activities that could potentially be out of mobile phone coverage areas.

Our club has an ACR ResQLink 400 PLB available for members to use.  It will not work underwater, in caves, or if there is any obstruction to the sky, such as overhanging trees.

Lie device flat, with a clear unobstructed view of the sky.  Position the antenna pointing skywards. Uncover and press “ON” for 2 seconds until the STROBE light blinks.  A RED light will blink until GPS signal is acquired;  then it will blink GREEN.

Stay put and prepare to survive.  Assume it will take several hours or longer to be rescued.  Be as visible as possible.  If you need to move, the PLB will transmit your new location if it can be determined.  DO NOT turn off the PLB until rescue authorities arrive/you are instructed to do so.


See also additional information on RISK MANAGEMENT at the bottom section of the Activity Types & Grades tab.

Queensland National Park of the Month - May

Posted by Maria Bowdler on Tuesday, 30th of April, 2024

Bunya Mountains National Park

Become a Campground Host. The department is seeking volunteers to act as campground hosts at Bunya Mountains National Park over the Queensland school holidays.

Enjoy rainforest-clad peaks which shelter the largest stand of ancient bunya pines in the world.


About 200km or three hours’ drive north-west of Brisbane. N.B. the final mountain ascent is via steep, with narrow and winding roads.


Qld and NSW National Parks & forests alerts, closures and more. Links regularly UPDATED

Posted by Maria Bowdler on Tuesday, 2nd of April, 2024

Be sure to check National Parks alerts and other sources before heading out on the tracks.

Qld National Parks alerts

NSW National Parks alerts

Light weight hiking recipes

Posted by Maria Bowdler on Sunday, 4th of February, 2024

Light weight hiking recipes

Some ideas for your through walking trips.

A few tips to make CAMPING prep easier!

Posted by Maria Bowdler on Monday, 8th of January, 2024

You want to get away from it all and spend a few days 'chillaxing' in nature, but packing can really take the enjoyment out of it. Nothing puts a dampener on your camping getaway more than forgetting a key accessory.

Queensland National Parks have put together Camping Packing Hacked to help out.

FREE CPR Awareness Sessions 2024

Posted by Maria Bowdler on Saturday, 6th of January, 2024

Link for dates, library locations and bookings

Are you interested in developing practical knowledge and skill in cardiopulmonary resuscitation?  This free workshop will give you the confidence to help keep someone alive using CPR while the ambulance is on its way.  Presented by qualified trainers from the Queensland Local Ambulance Committee, in partnership with the Queensland Ambulance Service.

Three Top Tips For New Bushwalkers

Posted by Maria Bowdler on Wednesday, 17th of August, 2022

Queensland National Parks have published an article to help prepare for a great day walk - Click here to read about the importance of boots, weather and track fitness.

Need to brush up on your bushwalking skills?

Posted by Maria Bowdler on Monday, 1st of February, 2021


There's nothing like going bush with reliable and experienced bushwalkers to brush up on your skills not to mention the social benefits!  To help you on the way here are two websites offering thorough guidelines to restart or start your bush adventures.


  • The Bushwalking Manual: Information and guidelines for safe and enjoyable bushwalking in Australia is published by Bushwalking Victoria, and provides one of the best guides to safe bushwalking in Australia. You can find it at:
  • If you are new to bushwalking, and indeed if you need a refresher or have relative novices in your group, the National Parks Association of NSW Bushwalking 101 website is also of great help. You can find this at: