Posted by Maria Bowdler on Saturday, 11th of May, 2024

Cooloola BioBlitz 2024 is on 2, 3 and 4 August 2024 from 3:30 Friday to 3:30 Sunday at Rainbow Beach. Tickets are available now and usually sell out quickly.

Wonderful scientists and expert naturalists will lead small groups into the Cooloola natural environments and we'll all become "Citizen Scientists" as we record every plant, animal and fungi we can observe. Leaders will help with the identification. 

Rainbow Beach Community Hall will be transformed into the headquarters for learning, photography, making IDs and examining interesting discoveries. We'll have workshops and training in the use of the free iNaturalist App on your phone. 

In the evening, fascinating presentations or nocturnal excursions will be on offer. 

Check out the Cooloola BioBlitz website  for details and to meet some of the leaders who have confirmed their participation.