Posted by Maria Bowdler on Wednesday, 1st of May, 2024

The club has a PLB available for loan to Bushwalking Adventures Qld Inc. members. To borrow the PLB email

Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) Information Summary Sheet.

A PLB is a portable emergency distress beacon which uses satellite networks to alert search and rescue authorities to send help.  A PLB is intended to be a ‘last resort’ option, when someone is in dire risk of serious injury or death and no other communication method is possible.  Carrying a PLB is recommended for any activities that could potentially be out of mobile phone coverage areas.

Our club has an ACR ResQLink 400 PLB available for members to use.  It will not work underwater, in caves, or if there is any obstruction to the sky, such as overhanging trees.

Lie device flat, with a clear unobstructed view of the sky.  Position the antenna pointing skywards. Uncover and press “ON” for 2 seconds until the STROBE light blinks.  A RED light will blink until GPS signal is acquired;  then it will blink GREEN.

Stay put and prepare to survive.  Assume it will take several hours or longer to be rescued.  Be as visible as possible.  If you need to move, the PLB will transmit your new location if it can be determined.  DO NOT turn off the PLB until rescue authorities arrive/you are instructed to do so.


See also additional information on RISK MANAGEMENT at the bottom section of the Activity Types & Grades tab.